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Eugene W. Zimmerman was a native of Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
He was in the electrical business all of his working life. He was employed by New England Light and Power Company during summer vacations while attending school. He received a degree in electrical engineering from Pratt Institute. He then worked as an electrical engineer at General Electric Company.

He came to Alexandria in his mid twenties as a supervisor for the building of the Pentagon. During this time he was very involved with the Masons and the Boy Scouts of America. He became a Cub master and assistant district commissioner. In 1947 he went into the electrical contracting business for himself.

Since the metropolitan area was prime territory for growth after World War II his business flourished. He started out in mostly commercial then rapidly branched out into residential development. A large portion of the constructed buildings in Alexandria during the 1950-1970 were wired by this company. A large portion of Springfield's housing and the beginning part of Reston was wired by our company

Later in life he became involved with the political issues of the city of Alexandria. He was on the city council for nine years and served as Vice Mayor for six of those years. He ran for Mayor and State senator but was unsuccessful in those races. He was a past president of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, and the Alexandria Contractor Association and he was involved in numerous other organizations. He was Alexandria's representative to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and his name can be found on the placards at Bull Run Park, Carlisle House, and Pohick Park.

Growing up with my father I was in awe. He was a wonderful father and a great man to work for. The experience one gained from working for him was priceless. That is evident by the contractors that worked for him and started their own business or went on to be very prominent in other businesses.

Older electricians that worked for my father who have come back to visit me
have spoken of him with great warmth and respect.

I was raised and educated knowing that one day I would be president of the company. That occurred in 1982 when Dad passed away suddenly of a heart attack. Running the business in a way that would make my father proud became my priority.

We at Eugene W. Zimmerman Corporation strive to continue to give you the same good, honest, trustworthy experience since the start of the business. We are a company who wants to provide a good and safe electrical installation. We are confident you will see the difference.

Martyn Zimmerman, President