Eugene W.

Why use Eugene W. Zimmerman Corporation? (703)548-1100

 Yes, we are an Alexandria electrical contractor that as been written about in:
     Checkbooks Magazine
     Washingtonian Magazine
     A Time Life Book on Old House Wiring
     Local newspapers
 We are licensed, bonded and insured just like everyone else is supposed to be.(some are not)
 But every company and lots of electricians will have some story or award as to why you should use them.
 Some will say:
     Specialize in everything
     Knows more than anyone else.
     Will give you gifts
     Will contribute to charities
     Answer the phones with a live voice
     Answer the phones by the second ring
     People ready to work the same day/24 hours a day/365 days a year.
     Quotes that same day and an electrician as soon as you say yes.
 Some of these claims may be true, but over the years we have heard from customers that most are not.
 We have been in business a long time and we are still in business today.
 We want to give you a good job for a reasonable price.
 We want to keep you as a customer for life.
 We do not want to give you a super fast and inadequate job for a cheap price or sell you work you do not 
 It's been said that all electricians are the same. If you look into your own profession you know this is not
 true. What you find is the people that are good give you the same good reliable job that you can count on 
 time after time after time.
 We believe all of our employees must:
     1. Be educated about the latest information in the electrical field.
     2. Enjoy working not just for you but for us. 
     3. Listen to the needs of our customers. 
     4. Give the best solutions to accomplish what the customer wants.
     5. Advise you as to what you may need or may not need. 
 We rely mostly on word of mouth advertising.  We do not have the biggest ads in the most venues. We are not
 just an “ELECTRICAL  CORPORATION” but people who are consumers, parents, grandparents,  involved 
with schools, religious organizations and families just like you. We are realistic enough to know we can not please everyone, but that still does not stop us from trying.
 We hope this has been helpful.
 We also hope you will use us and see the difference.